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FUZE turns five this year! With age comes experience. FUZE FIVE is here to help you rise to the marketing challenges and share the trends that are coming in 2017 and 2018.

Times are tough. This year’s conference is focused on helping marketing professionals navigate economic uncertainty and a changing political landscape. FUZE FIVE has a new format in a new venue that incorporates a great lineup of speakers, workshops and networking opportunities. Attend FUZE FIVE to learn how to make the most of the good times, embrace the tough times and develop innovative and effective marketing strategies.

FUZE FIVE is a conference organized by the Saskatchewan Professional Marketing Association (SPMA).

The SPMA is a non-profit organization managed by passionate volunteers. We have over 225 paid members and almost 900 professionals on our mailing list who represent Saskatchewan’s best in the fields of marketing, advertising, writing, media relations and public relations.


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About Saskatchewan Professional Marketing Association (SPMA)


The SPMA is about building community, networks, and providing professional development opportunities for marketing and advertising professionals in Saskatchewan. SPMA is a casual and creative group of volunteers that started running professional development events, including FUZE, about seven years ago. One of the benefits to being a member is access to our “Find a job Friday” job postings. If you are looking to hire a marketing professional – please get in touch!